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May 31, 2008

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July 26, 2007

Got Twitter ?

How Twitter Creates a Social Sixth Sense: "Twitter substitutes for the glances and conversations we had before we became a nation of satellite employees."


December 02, 2006

Mattel to sue over lesbian Barbie show

This planet is crazy: Mattel to sue over lesbian Barbie show

Toy manufacturer Mattel is reportedly threatening to sue a Brazilian artist for portraying Barbie as a lesbian.

Karin Schwarz's exhibition features pictures of Barbie in compromising situations, reports the Jornal de Sao Paulo newspaper. Mattel has given the artist 24 hours to close down the exhibiton or they say they will take legal action. But Ms Schwarz says she will not back down: "Barbie is exploited by Mattel. She wears a bikini, she shows off her belly, has big breasts, and even has a boyfriend," she said. The exhibition, entitled Amazing Girls, is on show at a bar in the city of Curitiba. A Mattel spokesperson said: "Barbie is a very proper lady and she is not happy about being portraited as something that she isn't. "We are going to sue and we hope that this teaches people a lesson. Also, Barbie is 46 years old, she should be respected!"


November 26, 2006

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October 11, 2006

Billy's Back & Ready 4 FuN! - Guerrilla Qeer Bar Party Invitation

Billy's back and ready for some fun!

Everybody's been asking... "where's Billy?", "have you seen Billy Trix?". Well, turns out he's been stuck in a Mexican prison ever since Billy's Puerto Vallarta vacation! But Billy's back now and thirsty for some rip roaring fun and some real vodka! with lots of time on his hands (and knees), Billy's planned a fabulous fall party for you... stay tuned, Billy's back!

The rest of Billy's party instigators are still stuck in jail, but never fear Billy has some new friends to help organize things around here. After nearly a year of constant drinking planning, Billy and his new beotches are ready to take over a straight bar and add some fun back into Denver Friday nights!

Enlist in Billy'’s army! Or at least dress up like a hot army boy (or girl). We'’re taking over a straight bar downtown and to make sure everyone knows who you'’re with, wear something with a military theme. Don't have any military clothing in your toybox? Liar. Billy knows you'’re into roll playing, so slide into your favorite army green or camo garb (i.e. shirt, hat or thong… what?! Someone might see it…!), and that'’ll be close enough.

But Billy, how do I know where to go?
That'’s still a secret. We'’ll give you more details as the date draws near. remember to keep checking your e-mail.

Every couple months we take over the coolest straight bar we can find, for one night only. Think Flashmob meets French Revolution meets Kylie. Trick is, we don't announce our shindig's digs until the day before - we don't wanna give them any notice. So, the only way to know where to go for the party is to sign up for our email list and watch for the details a couple days before! don't forget to invite your friends.


December 10, 2005

HIV cases pass record 40 MILLION mark

For the people who think AIDS is under control:

The five million cases recorded in 2005 was “the highest number of people newly infected (in a year) since the beginning of the epidemic,” Peter Piot, executive director of the UNAIDS programme, told reporters in New Delhi.



November 27, 2005

Best Place for Crotch Shots

Since opening in 2003, the Shooting Gallery has consistently and proudly displayed edgy, often sexually charged art and photography in its small Tenderloin gallery space. Owner Justin Giarla, a self-described California skater boy who grew up listening to rockabilly and punk music, never had much use for traditional galleries and their stuffy employees. Instead, Giarla saw fine art on the bottoms of skateboards, in erotic photographs, inked on people�s bodies, in comics, and on the covers of punk rock albums. As a curator, Giarla puts together shows that are innovative, well-executed, and always in line with his outsider aesthetics. The annual June erotic show is a smorgasbord of titillating sculptures, paintings, and photographs. Even when sex is not an explicit part of gallery shows, it is always there, flirting in the background. Past shows have explored girls and guns, tiki art, early�San Francisco absinthe dens, and anime.
839 Larkin St, SF. (415) 931-8035.

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November 23, 2005

Where in World is BoulderGuy?

I got an email today from some random person that said "Hey BoulderGuy - When did you start the modeling career?". Included was the URL Worried what scandalous photos could have been posted this time, of course I stopped everything and started my search. Relieved to say I only found one place, to my knowledge, that my photo has been used on the site. Turns out to be a photo that has been used by RSVP in print advertising & other marketing media. The photo was taken from the first RSVP cruise I booked alone back in 2002 10 days in Mexico. Click here to see it in action.


November 21, 2005

Call in the GAYS

Queer Eye Looking For A Gay Man, A Lesbian, And Teenagers

In its ongoing quest to diversify (e.g., get people to watch again), Bravo’s Queer Eye is looking for non-straight men to make over.

Specifically, the show wants “a gay man who’s about to come out to friends and family, “Fab Five wannabes who happen to be in their teens,” and “a lesbian who welcomes a total physical makeover, finally.” That’s according to PlanetOut, which is working with the show. Only those who live in the New York City area may apply.

The site also reports that next season will feature celebrity makeovers: “Kevin Bacon (and the Bacon brothers) and former NFL star Boomer Esiason” will all appear on the show.

“Queer Eye” casting call! [Planet Out]


Wife Swap Participant Sues ABC Because The Show Swapped His Wife With A Gay Man

November 21, 2005

A Wife Swap participant is suing ABC for $10,225,000 because producers swapped his wife with a gay man.

Jeffrey D. Bedford says he was misled because producers “misled him by not sending a female from a heterosexual family to his home,” according to the Muskogee Daily Phoenix. And he “was distraught over the misrepresentation to the point of nonparticipation.” The show started taping on Oct. 14, 2004.

He also claims that producers “repeatedly told him his wife was leaving him. He claims he became emotionally distraught over his and his family’s situation to the point of becoming physically and mentally ill,” the paper reports. He also says that producers basically held his wife hostage, as they “threatened if Bedford did not film the show that they would not tell him his wife’s location and would not pay for her to be sent home.”

Here’s how the $10.225 million in damages breaks down, according to the paper:

As a result of intentional infliction of mental distress he has incurred medical bills, public humiliation, embarrassment and undue grief. He seeks $5 million for that distress and punitive damages of $5 million.

He seeks $75,000 for breach of contract and in excess of $75,000 because of defendants’ fraud or misrepresentation, and punitive damages in excess of $75,000. He also seeks court costs and attorney fees.”

In a statement, the network said, “ABC is confident that RDF Media, the producer of ‘Wife Swap,’ treats participants professionally and with respect. The show is meant to challenge a family’s norms and moreover, the agreement between the plaintiff and RDF specifically stated that the swapped spouse could be either male or female.”

Area man sues for gay ‘Wife Swap’ [Muskogee Daily Phoenix]

Read more reality TV news at Reality Blurred


November 20, 2005

World AIDS Day, 12.01.2005

Denver Public Health will sponsor a free showing of A CLOSER WALK, a documentary that explores the impact that HIV/AIDS has had in the United States and internationally, at Starz FilmCenter at the Tivoli, Thursday, December 1. A table with HIV/STD brochures, Denver area HIV/STD testing opportunities, safer sex materials, and general public health information will be located in the lobby of Starz FilmCenter during the event. Denver Public Health employees will be on hand to answer questions and engage viewers in discussions.
Starz FilmCenter
Dec 1, 2005 6:30 PM Order Tickets

To order tickets click on "ORDER TICKETS" or click on the movie date below.
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Ambien, the what the F*ck happened pill | Video: "As we walk up the stairs James Faber tells us, 'now we're getting closer to the lair of where all these paintings come from.'
He's not kidding. He shows us two groups, those he painted while awake, and those painted while he was asleep. Asleep. Well, he thought he was asleep, but was really awake, sort of. Yes, it is confusing, beautifully confusing. While some of us dream of painting, James Faber paints of dreaming."


Wise up. Wear it. Where's yours?

World AIDS Day - 1 December 2005

World AIDS Day - the international day of action on HIV and AIDS which takes place every year on 1 December.

This year in the UK, World AIDS Day is about wearing the Red Ribbon, as a sign of support for people living with HIV and a symbol of hope for the future. Lets make this truly a World Event individual participation is contagious and there is strength in numbers! We Need to Wise up and Wear it. If you would like to get hold of your own Red Ribbon you can find your nearest outlet here and you can also download a Virtual Red Ribbon from this site to wear on your website or in your email signature.

If you click through this sitesstories section you can tell us why you'll be wearing the Red Ribbon on World AIDS Day and read other people's stories too.

World AIDS Day is about people getting the facts about HIV and AIDS. It's a day for people to get involved and there are many ways in which you can do so. We have a listing of events where you can search to find the ones that suit you, or if you are organizing an event, you can add details of your event. If you would like to get involved in other ways, we have some great ideas for you!

No matter how you decide to mark the day, you can help create a more AIDS Aware society in which everyone takes action, so please make sure you show off your Red Ribbon on 1 December! "


The Man Who Beat HIV

Almost as long as we've known about HIV, there's been this idea that someone, somewhere, must have the genetic capacity to survive the infection and thereby unlock the biological secret to defeating the virus. (James Shapely, a character in William Gibson's Virtual Light, filled this role, ushering in a cyberpunk future without AIDS.) Now, British scientists think they may have discovered such a man. Meet Andrew Stimpson, who contracted HIV in 2002 but whose blood carries no trace today, despite never going on medication.

Given the sensationalist treatment of this topic in the papers, not to mention the longevity of this "genetic messiah" meme, I'm not sure this is anything to get worked up about.


November 16, 2005

My complaint about Sparrow Restaurant

This is a letter I have planned on writing for some time, a letter that I feel is extremely important and one that undoubtedly must be heeded if we are to undo the damage caused by Sparrow Restaurant.

To begin at the beginning, Sparrow Restaurant's a psychologically defective organization. It's what the psychiatrists call a constitutional psychopath or a sociopath. I am hurt, furious, and embarrassed. Why am I hurt? Because it's easy enough to hate Sparrow Restaurant any day of the week on general principles. But now I'll tell you about some very specific things that Sparrow Restaurant is up to, things that ought to make a real Sparrow Restaurant-hater out of you.

First off, its supporters do not concern themselves much with the people around them. Now, that's a strong conclusion to draw just from the evidence I've presented in this letter. So let me corroborate it by saying that Sparrow Restaurant says that it is a bearer and agent of the Creator's purpose. What it means by this, of course, is that it wants free reign to engage in or goad others into engaging in illegal acts. Why am I furious? Because my aim is to rally good-hearted people to the side of our cause. The best example of this, culled from many, would have to be the time Sparrow Restaurant tried to bowdlerize all unfavorable descriptions of its vituperation's. And why am I embarrassed? Because Sparrow Restaurant constantly insists that the rules don't apply to it. But it contradicts itself when it says that it acts in the public interest.

In closing, we must work together to oppose our human vices wherever they may be found -- arrogance, hatred, jealousy, unfaithfulness, avarice, and so on. Together, we can make a difference. Forever and always. (parody)

This letter has been generated courtesy of
- Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator

- LOVE IT! How funny is this online complaint generator. Unlike 95% of the online generator popping up around the internet it doesn't totally suck. I have a feeling this puppy is going to see more then enough return visits from me in the near future!



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